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An international tribe for queerupters worldwide.

We are making an internationally relevant Website: where alternative/radical/disenfranchised queers can exchange information, network, organise, inspire and be inspired, self represent, challenge ourselves and each other, and learn about DIY ideas and ethics. We hope this site will convey the diversity of queer life, identity, and politics; provide visibility for a definition of queer that confounds and contradicts the limited representation of the "normal"/consumerist model; and be an active tool for building community that recognises the differences in queerness globally.

The goals of the site are:
*To be a home base for information about past, present, and future Queeruption gatherings.
*To be a major networking tool for radical queer people and groups.
*To be a central site for information and resource sharing among queer activists.
*To provide organising tools and inspiration for people who want to organise locally as well as internationally.

In order to meet these goals the site should be:
*Up to date.
*Inclusive, not exclusive.
*Technologically accessible -- i.e., quick to load and easy to navigate.
*More about participation and creation by and for queer community and less about editorial oversight. RSS Feed what is XML?

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